About Tom Davis – Wildland Photographer


For the past 45 years Tom Davis has extensively photographed wildland, wild river, wildlife, landscape, wildflower and macro scenes in the west, with emphasis on his home state of Oregon; also Idaho, British Columbia, Montana, Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, Alaska and the southwestern U.S.

Tom enjoys and pursues a wide range of photography from vivid color photos to Ansel Adams zone system black and white. Early in his photography he developed his own black and white photos in a chemical darkroom and now uses digital processing to prepare for printing.

The photographs on my website are all copyrighted at the US Government © site. The rights to use can be purchased or otherwise provided on a case by case basis per one-time use. For advocacy organizations the use may be granted free.

I’m exploring options for viewers to purchase prints, and special orders may be possible.


Contact Tom at: tomdee@tomswildlandphotography.com